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A Torquay Treat
Posted March 2010

After the customary January break, one of Brolly’s first gigs of this year was the Bob Brolly Reunion Break organised the last weekend in January by Dunwood Travel at the Derwent Hotel in Torquay.

What a fantastic time - it was great to see so many familiar faces on this ‘away weekend’! Old friend Lonnie even organised a ‘Line Dance’ school!!! Can’t wait to see how this troupe progresses! Maybe Lonnie will give us a taster out in Tenerife??? Then again looking at what he conjured up in Torquay, I think I’ve seen enough

Next year, Dunwood are moving the Brolly break to the Savoy Hotel in Blackpool. It will be a little later in 2011 – Friday, 4th February for 3 days (2 nights). Many have already booked this break so if you want to enjoy the craic, contact Dunwood Travel on 02476 520000 for details as soon as possible.